About me.. Sherilyn

My name is Sherilyn. People I don't like get to call me Sher. I am a married mother of 2, a little boy and a little girl. I work full time as an accountant. A job I have always disliked. In the evenings and weekends I have been training to be a Doula. I am almost done with that and will soon make the transition to that full time.
Full time as a Doula means I work when a client goes into labor. I'm hoping this leads to more time with my babies, husband and my other love Le Chateau Ghetto. Oh, you don't know who that is?

 Let me explain....

My husband and I bought a foreclosed townhouse in 2005.We named her Le Chateau Ghetto!  The Chateau is 1080 square feet. She has two bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. Since we bought her little by little it has fallen down around us.This blog is a journal of our journey trying to put her back together with no idea what we are doing.  We have had some great suprises such as a sledgehammer to the upstairs potty which caused the floor to collapse from the hidden water damaged. We have faced mold, warped floors, electrical problems, missing ceilings on more than one occasion, and hidden treasures as we pull down rotting drywall cabinets, and mirrors. (OH THE HORROR). Although, I complain and whine about the Chateau I love her. I love every square bit of her and I never want her to belong to anyone else. She knows I love her but she can be temperamental and she can throw some fits. When she's good she's the Chateau. When she is bad she is Le Ghetto!

So many times we have been close to the finish line only to have it snatched away from us with collapsing ceilings, or moldy kitchens. Who needs ceilings or sinks anyway right?

 Come along for the ride and learn as we do what we are doing wrong, what we are doing right, and how to avoid the bad. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same or maybe you'll be warned not to be as dumb as us. Who knows.... but hey let's find out together....