La Villa Tranquilla

After months of debate, prayer, and advice from our Attorney we left Le Chateau Ghetto and moved into our new home, La Villa Tranquilla. The Villa is my childhood home. I moved into in in July 1995 and moved out October 2004. It has always felt like home. 2 years ago my parents moved back to Utah to be closer to family now that they are in their Golden Years. The folks left one of my 7 sisters in the house and due to health issues she had to leave right as Le Chateau Ghetto fell down around us. Now C, Goo, Gouda, and I are living here and making it our own. Next year we will buy it from my parents.
La Villa was built in 1993. It is 3 bedrooms 2.5 bath with a garage converted into a Man-cave. It is 1700 sq. ft in need of some updating.

So, our remodel isn't done it's just changed venues. As soon as I unpack my camera I will upload some pictures.


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