Saturday, October 29, 2011

And The Winner of the Stone Wallpaper is

Number 4!

I am in love with this wallpaper and I cannot wait to get it and get it up in the Master Bedroom. It will go up on the main wall as a headboard and focal point.

I am also looking into these for mood lighting..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What We Inherited

Hole in Door

Carpet Stains

Dirt on Pot Shelf

Hole in Another Door

And Another Hole in Another Door

Hole in Wall

Hole in Closet

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Light in the Bathroom Downstairs

We replaced the light in the Downstairs half bath. Yes, it is missing a glass shade in the middle. There were some accidents during installation. I think it looks so much nicer than the light that was in there.

The old light looked like this! It was an energy guzzler and the new light is much more Environment Friendly plus we use the swirly light bulbs.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheapo Furniture is Alright By Me

Due to mold C and I lost most of our furniture in the move. So what's a girl to do? Check out the Cheapo Furniture at Walmart. We are lucky to live just a block or two from a Walmart and the other day while shopping I stumbled across some cheap living room furniture. I was able to get these End Tables for $13 a piece.

Then I stumbled on a matching TV Stand for $30.

Yesterday I found at a Coffee Table to match for $19.00

All in all not bad huh?

Friday, October 21, 2011

A New Master Idea

Stone 1

Stone 2

Stone 3

Stone 4

Stone 5
In another life I think I was Italian or maybe French. Okay maybe not French but I appreciated the architecture. Perhaps it's the Stonemason DNA in me that makes me love the look of old stone buildings. If I ever sell my book (ha ha) I'd move to the South of France or maybe the Abruzo region of Italy and I'd buy a little stone Villa that was built 400 years ago and I'd never leave. 

Are you wondering where I am going with this? I will not leave you in suspense any longer. I do not live in Italy or France. I live in Las Vegas and in Vegas we are famous for stealing other countries Landmarks and style. It isn't because like everyone thinks we don't have our own. We steal because we are great lovers of all things great. Imitation is still the highest form of flattery.

This leads me to my point. Each of the above pictures are wallpaper. They are all $48 with free shipping ( and each a double roll. I am going to get one of these and do my best to transform my 1990's Vegas style Stucco home into my villa.

So which one should I choose????

Let me get your feedback and then I'll decided.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It was Our House Why Can't We Strip It Bare?

Yesterday I turned in the last of the paperwork needed to give up Le Chateau Ghetto. The family is settling really well here in La Villa Tranquilla. I know there are a lot of people out there in similar situations that we were in last month. Maybe not necessarily living in a house that was making them sick but going through foreclosure and moving out. I have been asked a few times about the experience. We are so grateful to be living here and to have such a nice place now.

However, I have noticed that while looking through Craig's List for some cheap and new furnishings how many people in the same situation as us are gutting their houses! I don't understand this....

How can these people feel like this is something they CAN do? Someone even asked me if C and I were going to take the kitchen cabinets with us. NO! This isn't Italy you don't take the kitchen with you when you leave....

We did not sell the drywall or the stove. We did not pull up the new floor in the kitchen or pull down the cabinets.

There is no way that doing that is okay. No one forced you to buy a house you couldn't afford. Nothing gives you the right to gut it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

24 Inch Bookcases

The Villa is really coming together. I have almost all of the boxes unpacked. We are overrun with toys. They seem to be in every room.... I've decided that since we don't own a dinning room table right now (due to the break in) that we will use the formal dining room as a toy room. The trouble is that I need to find bookcases that won't block the windows. In order for it to not do that they need to be 24 inches wide and I also need them to be black. Does anyone know where I can find them?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life in La Villa Tranquilla

Life in the Villa started off with me being Laid Off. This will impact the changes I want to make to the house. First of I no longer have the expenses of working; including daycare, gas, and commuting expenses. I also have time on my hands which I have never had before. As soon as we can get this giant couch my scuzzy sister ( I say scuzzy cuz not only did she damage the house but ran out on over a grand of bills we now get to pay) left here out of the Villa I am going to paint the Dinning Room Pumpkin. I have enough paint left over from when I painted the Chateau's living room to do the dinning room here. I think it will look great with black bookcases and sepia toned photographs in black frames. This will be my first

The Dining Room

Th Pumpkin Color Paint for Dining Room

Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing the Newest Member of our Family....

  We have name for our new home. We are pleased to announce we now live in The Villa Tranquilla!