Friday, September 30, 2011


I love fireplaces but the new house just doesn’t have one. However, there are wonderful electric fireplaces out there and they can add atmosphere and storage.


Plus you never know where you’re going to find a good deal. Check out these fireplaces from Big Lots.

Help us Name the New House

We are starting to get everything all settled in the new house. Today is my last day of work as well. I have been laid off of my job and I am looking forward to time with my babies and with the new house. There are already so many projects I have planned and without a job I will have a lot of time to accomplish them.


I have plans to paint, put in new light fixtures, and new floors. I have plans for each room.


What I don’t have is a name for the house. The last house was French Le Chateau Ghetto. This house is Italian. I’d like an Italian name something with the word Villa in it. The house is in the Twin Lakes area and I’m thinking that should be included as well. The new name should also be easy to pronounce.



So readers please send me your suggestions!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Long Journey Home

Well, Readers last night we spent in our new/old home. Are you wondering what it was like to move into your childhood home but as the new owners? I’m sure some of you are. The rest are stuck reading about it anyway.


There was a weird sense of Déjà vu with moving into a place for a second time. There is a big difference between moving as a 17 year old and then moving into the same place as a 33 year old. I don’t remember there being so many many stairs the first time,,, But it was like coming home after a long journey. We don’t have much stuff at the new house yet but we had enough to make the nigh comfortable and after the break in I was NOT spending another night in Le Chateau Ghetto. The burglary was like a giant neon sign on the Las Vegas Strip saying “Get the Hell out”. So we did.


C and I placed our bed on the floor in my parents old room. He went to get another load from the Chateau and I bathed the kids. After bath I got them dressed and tried to settle them in. C arrived home and brought bedding. It’s new since we were told to not use the old linens on the chance of mold spoors. The kids were hyper and it took forever to get them calmed down to sleep. Since we only had one bed over there we all shared.


From the very beginning I felt like I had just come home but as I got into bed last night the weirdest thing happened, I could smell my father’s cologne. It was all over the room. I had no trouble falling asleep and slept better than I have for the last 7 years.


The 7 years I spent on the long journey home…

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great-Grandpa's Desk

My great-grandfather was a stonemason. I’ve mentioned this before. However, among John Johnson’s many talents was woodworking. He made a desk out of Danish pine. It is a beautiful desk with straight lines typified in Scandinavian furniture. John was from a place called Hjorring Denmark and he moved to Utah when he was a teenager. My mother had a strong connection with him and still takes of him with great love. When my mother was newly married she and my father took a class on furniture building a refinishing. Mom borrowed the desk from her parents and painstakingly refinished it. It was beautiful. When she went to return it Grandma didn’t want it. The desk sat in our home all growing up and I fell in love with it when I was very small. I was so much in love with that desk that as a little girl I wrote underneath it “Sherilyn loves this table”. Two years ago when my parents moved to Utah my mother passed the desk down to me. She knew my love for the desk and the connection I have always felt to the man that built it even though he was long dead before I was born. Mom said she knew she could trust me to treasure it and keep it safe.


I failed…


Yesterday while I was at work someone broke into our home and destroyed Great-Grandpa’s desk. It is in pieces all over my kitchen. What the attacker didn’t rip to pieces he/she took a knife to and carved up…



How do you replace or repair something like that and who could possibly be that mean???


PS… They also stole my wedding ring…

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Putting on my Big Girl Panties

So I’ve taken a day to whine and complain. Now I am done and ready to begin our new journey in remodeling. This one will be better and easier. We’ve already done everything anyway. This will be a cake walk… There are a lot of things that are different about the new house versus the Chateau. One thing is the house was built in 1993 and I’ve already lived in it for 9 years. It is built a lot better and we know the history. When my parents bought it the previous owner never lived in the house. She bought it for an investment and sold it with only stepping foot in it a handful of times.


I’ve already started planning the remodel and I think we will start in the kids’ room. Goo wants black and white zebra stripes and that so far isn’t going to happen. Gouda found the baby furniture in the pictures a month or so ago. Even at 15 months old she knows what she wants. She carries the catalog with the furniture in it around the house and shows it to everyone she sees. I just have to get it for her. I’d like to paint the room a bubble gum pink with bright green accents. I like the crib bedding in the attached pictures but maybe it won’t look good with pink walls???


Which color of bedding do you like the best???


Let me know what you think….

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just When you Thought It was Safe to get Out of The Remodel Game

We got the keys to our new house yesterday. We were so excited we skipped church and decided to go over and check it out. It was a shocking sight. It was filthy and there were holes in walls, doors, and even one of the sinks.


I was surprised at the amount of damage that could be done in one place in a short 2 years. C and I walked around just gasping. Well I did C is always a half full kind of guy. He just smiled at me and said how much bigger it was. I have to admit I couldn’t see past the dirt and the holes. I was just so disappointed in what we had walked into. This house was supposed to be Turnkey. Now there is so much work ahead of us AGAIN!!!!


It’s like spending 6 years climbing up a mountain knowing when you get to the top you can relax breath and enjoy the view but instead when you get to the top you discover you’ve climbed the wrong damn mountain!


The following damages were noted (and pictures taken but C has then and not me):

1.     One hole front room

2.    One hole converted garage bedroom

3.    Flooring in closet destroyed garage bedroom

4.    Master bedroom 1 hole behind the door, 1 hole at baseboard level, 1 hole closet door, 1 hole bathroom sink, new floor and subfloor needed master bathroom, 1 new bathtub needed

5.    Gouda’s Room- carpet destroyed with stain and dog dander, closet door 1 hole, bedroom door 1 hole.

6.    Goo’s bedroom- carpet destroyed with food stains, 2 holes

7.    Kids bathroom – vanity top destroyed


The picture is taken from Goo’s room (it has a cutout where you can look down into the living room)


The 3 trash bags were trash just from one room!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our New home

Our New Home

Living/Dining Combo

Eat-in Kitchen

Soon to be C's ManCave

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Gouda's Room (My Old Bedroom)

Kids Bathroom
I found these pictures online when my parents were selling the home. As you can see it wasn't well staged and that is probably why it didn't sale. Maybe the Folks' heart wasn't really into it though.

I have a lot of plans but I wanted everyone to see what the new place looks like.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Croup, Mold, and the ER

Goo spent the night in the ER. He had croup so bad he could barely breathe. It was scary… C took him in while I stayed with Gouda. Goo told me he was very brave while he got a shot in his bum and the doctor gave him air.


He said he was so good that the Doctor gave him a present. He got to keep the tubing and mouth piece they used to give him a breathing treatment. Goo said it was for the new house and he wanted it in his bedroom. He is doing fine this morning. Kids are supposed to outgrow Croup by 3 years old. The Doctor said with Goo being premature and the mold problem in the house he hasn’t been able to outgrow it.


It makes me so grateful that we move out of The Chateau next week.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Heartache

My heart is heavy today and I am very humbled. It feels like it is breaking and if anyone were to look close enough they could see the tattered pieces.  I feel like a failure.

Today C and I sign papers to begin the process of giving Le Chateau Ghetto back to the bank. We know this is the right thing for us. We have spent the last year agonizing and praying over this decision. However, right we feel this is I am unprepared for how hard it is.


I am determined to go out with dignity, not like those people that strip their homes down to the wires out of a sense of being duped. We have not been duped any more than those who bought homes they knew they could not afford. We did not do our due diligence and in essence we are reaping our rewards.


I hope I don’t cry at the Lawyers office. I have always taken such pride in knowing I can hide or detach from my emotions. Where is that today?? I so desperately need it…




Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Exciting Update

As of October 1st we will be moving into a new home. My parents have asked us to take over their home. They moved to Utah 2 years ago and one of my sisters has been living in it. She has health issues and because of this has to move into a 1 story home.


C, Goo, Gouda, and I are very excited for this wonderful opportunity and can’t wait to spread our wings in our new place. The new house is 2 stories 3 bedroom 2.5 baths, and has a den. There is ample storage! Half of the garage has been turned into a den but the other half is still storage. There are 2 sheds on the property as well. I’m not sure we know what to do with all that room!


There will be some challenges with this house, nothing like Chateau Ghetto. This place has floors, ceilings, and even sinks! Oh the luxury!!!


I wonder though will it be weird living in my childhood home? Will I go into my old bedroom at night? Will it still feel like home??? Will it ever feel like my home???


It will take some work to make it the Wheeler Home instead of the Hatch Home but we have proved over the last 6 years we are up for it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This and That my New Favorite Blog

Amazing Butcher Block Countertops!

I've got an idea for a bathroom using parts we bought for Le Chateau Ghetto where I would take the glass vessel sink, fauctet, and butcherblock countertop we bought for the kitchen, combine the 3 into a bathroom vanity. After seeing this blog post I think I can pull it off.

Now I just need a house.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Le Chateau Ghetto as we saw it the first time

Le Chateau Ghetto
When we saw our house the first time we took pictures. I found them the other day as I was packing. I looked at them and remembered the hope and awe of homeownership. I wanted the readers to see what we saw and know why we bought it. The damage was well hidden and a lot of it was done by the old owners as they moved out and the flooding from the rotted roof. Maybe when you look at these pictures you won't think that we are as much the fools as we feel.

The Kitchen Before we bought it

Goo and Gouda Bedroom Before

The Living Room
Goo and Gouda's Bedroom

Downstairs Bath

The Hall

The Stove that never worked

Original Kitchen

The Full Bath

Master Bedroom Knook

Master Bedroom with Balcony

Master Bedroom looking at Jack and Jill Bath

The Stairs and that nasty blue carpet
Vinyl Tile in Entrance

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where have I been???

I have been working my last month. On September 30th I will work my last day as an accountant. I will officially begin life as a Birth Professional and a work from home mom. I am very excited and I even have my first client. She is due in December and she will be an amazing mother!

We will also be moving out of Le Chateau Ghetto October 1st. It is a new chapter and a new start for us. Falling Down House will continue. I still have a lot of ideas even if I don't have the house.

I will also be launching a new blog Where I will talk about research, techniques, and also have my information available about rates, services, and even some parenting tips.

In the mean time while I try to finish school ( I graduated in December), finish my life as an accountant, start my own business, and leave my house I won't post every day.

I will be back with daily posts I promise by October 15th 2011!