Monday, September 26, 2011

Just When you Thought It was Safe to get Out of The Remodel Game

We got the keys to our new house yesterday. We were so excited we skipped church and decided to go over and check it out. It was a shocking sight. It was filthy and there were holes in walls, doors, and even one of the sinks.


I was surprised at the amount of damage that could be done in one place in a short 2 years. C and I walked around just gasping. Well I did C is always a half full kind of guy. He just smiled at me and said how much bigger it was. I have to admit I couldn’t see past the dirt and the holes. I was just so disappointed in what we had walked into. This house was supposed to be Turnkey. Now there is so much work ahead of us AGAIN!!!!


It’s like spending 6 years climbing up a mountain knowing when you get to the top you can relax breath and enjoy the view but instead when you get to the top you discover you’ve climbed the wrong damn mountain!


The following damages were noted (and pictures taken but C has then and not me):

1.     One hole front room

2.    One hole converted garage bedroom

3.    Flooring in closet destroyed garage bedroom

4.    Master bedroom 1 hole behind the door, 1 hole at baseboard level, 1 hole closet door, 1 hole bathroom sink, new floor and subfloor needed master bathroom, 1 new bathtub needed

5.    Gouda’s Room- carpet destroyed with stain and dog dander, closet door 1 hole, bedroom door 1 hole.

6.    Goo’s bedroom- carpet destroyed with food stains, 2 holes

7.    Kids bathroom – vanity top destroyed


The picture is taken from Goo’s room (it has a cutout where you can look down into the living room)


The 3 trash bags were trash just from one room!


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