Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where have I been???

I have been working my last month. On September 30th I will work my last day as an accountant. I will officially begin life as a Birth Professional and a work from home mom. I am very excited and I even have my first client. She is due in December and she will be an amazing mother!

We will also be moving out of Le Chateau Ghetto October 1st. It is a new chapter and a new start for us. Falling Down House will continue. I still have a lot of ideas even if I don't have the house.

I will also be launching a new blog Where I will talk about research, techniques, and also have my information available about rates, services, and even some parenting tips.

In the mean time while I try to finish school ( I graduated in December), finish my life as an accountant, start my own business, and leave my house I won't post every day.

I will be back with daily posts I promise by October 15th 2011!



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