Monday, August 29, 2011

Straigh Talk August

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King Arthur is famous for pulling the sword out of the stone and for his quest for the Holy Grail. Falling Down House is famous for it's lack of cell phone reception and I am famous for my quest for a cell phone company I like. C and I had T-mobile for 6 years and in that time we have spent approximately $9000 on service alone. Who knows how much we have spent on phones. Of course we had heard of those no contract companies but they seemed too good to be true and I was certain they'd have crappy phones and service.


After a few years C talked me into dropping T-Mobile and going over to Simple Mobile. Well, I was right they are too good to be true. My phone sucks! The service sucks, and half the time my calls get dropped. My phone is always in emergency mode and searching for Network.


I am done with them.

I have been looking around for something different. I thought I'd try Cricket.


I went into the Cricket store and after all their hoops to jump through I walked right out.


I was starting to give up when I decided to give Straight Talk a look-see... I started out with a few questions.



 everything you need



  1. How much are plans? the unlimited plan is $45 a month and includes text, calls, picture messaging, and web!
  2. Do they have crappy phones? Straight Talk only sells phones from reputable companies like Samsung and LG.
  3. Can you afford the phones? Reconditioned phones start out at $10!
  4. Can I keep my number? YES! Straight Talk will port over your cell number and even some house numbers.
  5. Do you have to sign a contract or have a credit check? NO and NO!
  6. Will I have coverage or will it be spotty? Straight Talk have a great nationwide network of coverage!
  7. Are there fees for activation, reactivation or termination? NO!
  8. What about International Calls? Yes, Straight Talk has plans that include International calls for low rates!

 everything you need


So if you think about it C and I could have spent only $6000 over the course of 6 years instead of $9000.


That's a savings of $3000!

Hook, line and sinker

Do you know what I would do with that amount of money if I had it right now? Well, I'd use it to pay off some bills and then I would quit and stay home with my kids!




If you don't believe me how great this company is then check out these videos made by customers just like you and me!


everything you you need  



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