Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Putting on my Big Girl Panties

So I’ve taken a day to whine and complain. Now I am done and ready to begin our new journey in remodeling. This one will be better and easier. We’ve already done everything anyway. This will be a cake walk… There are a lot of things that are different about the new house versus the Chateau. One thing is the house was built in 1993 and I’ve already lived in it for 9 years. It is built a lot better and we know the history. When my parents bought it the previous owner never lived in the house. She bought it for an investment and sold it with only stepping foot in it a handful of times.


I’ve already started planning the remodel and I think we will start in the kids’ room. Goo wants black and white zebra stripes and that so far isn’t going to happen. Gouda found the baby furniture in the pictures a month or so ago. Even at 15 months old she knows what she wants. She carries the catalog with the furniture in it around the house and shows it to everyone she sees. I just have to get it for her. I’d like to paint the room a bubble gum pink with bright green accents. I like the crib bedding in the attached pictures but maybe it won’t look good with pink walls???


Which color of bedding do you like the best???


Let me know what you think….


  1. Even though I am not a fan of pink or purple I have to say the punk. It is a softer pink so I think it will transition well with her growing up.