Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Heartache

My heart is heavy today and I am very humbled. It feels like it is breaking and if anyone were to look close enough they could see the tattered pieces.  I feel like a failure.

Today C and I sign papers to begin the process of giving Le Chateau Ghetto back to the bank. We know this is the right thing for us. We have spent the last year agonizing and praying over this decision. However, right we feel this is I am unprepared for how hard it is.


I am determined to go out with dignity, not like those people that strip their homes down to the wires out of a sense of being duped. We have not been duped any more than those who bought homes they knew they could not afford. We did not do our due diligence and in essence we are reaping our rewards.


I hope I don’t cry at the Lawyers office. I have always taken such pride in knowing I can hide or detach from my emotions. Where is that today?? I so desperately need it…





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