Friday, September 16, 2011

Croup, Mold, and the ER

Goo spent the night in the ER. He had croup so bad he could barely breathe. It was scary… C took him in while I stayed with Gouda. Goo told me he was very brave while he got a shot in his bum and the doctor gave him air.


He said he was so good that the Doctor gave him a present. He got to keep the tubing and mouth piece they used to give him a breathing treatment. Goo said it was for the new house and he wanted it in his bedroom. He is doing fine this morning. Kids are supposed to outgrow Croup by 3 years old. The Doctor said with Goo being premature and the mold problem in the house he hasn’t been able to outgrow it.


It makes me so grateful that we move out of The Chateau next week.



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