Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life in La Villa Tranquilla

Life in the Villa started off with me being Laid Off. This will impact the changes I want to make to the house. First of I no longer have the expenses of working; including daycare, gas, and commuting expenses. I also have time on my hands which I have never had before. As soon as we can get this giant couch my scuzzy sister ( I say scuzzy cuz not only did she damage the house but ran out on over a grand of bills we now get to pay) left here out of the Villa I am going to paint the Dinning Room Pumpkin. I have enough paint left over from when I painted the Chateau's living room to do the dinning room here. I think it will look great with black bookcases and sepia toned photographs in black frames. This will be my first

The Dining Room

Th Pumpkin Color Paint for Dining Room


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