Monday, May 13, 2013

Weight Loss and Acid Reflux Update

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Hi all out there. I was amazed to see that even knowing that I haven't posted in a long time I am still getting 30+ hits a day. Some of you have even emailed me and asked for an update of my health post surgery. The surgery I had was called Gastric Sleevectomy. Basically the Doctor removed 85% of my stomach. It is now the size and shape of a banana.
  I have always promised that I would not lie to my readers and I am not going to start now. I had the surgery because I couldn't take anymore acid reflux. I've been on medicine for it for 21 years and I was done. The ARD was making me a grumpy mom. I hurt all the time and I was running out of medicine to try. My gastro doc suggested the sleeve surgery because it fixes 95% of ARD cases and let's face it I was morbidly obese.

The morning of the surgery I was scared and I wanted to chicken out. In fact right as the team (yeah it took a whole team to lift my giant butt) off the gurney onto the operating table I told them I changed my mind and tried to give up. Unfortunate for me the anesthesiologist had already given me the knock out shot and it was too late.

IT HURT LIKE HELL! MOST days I regret my decision. Really there are times when I am crying on the floor in the front room telling C he was right and I hate my life. I am getting better.... It's a slow process and I would never wish it on my worst enemy! Hear that Clay I would never want you to live like this and one time I would have gladly hit you with a car. (That's a sign I am growing up)!

I try really hard to focus on the positive things.
  •  I am off medication completely!
  • I can eat spicy food and it doesn't affect me!
  • I have lost 55 pounds since surgery!
There have been comments that there aren't any pictures of me on this blog. Well, DUH! I was fat as hell. However, knowing that I am down 55 pounds and will be down even further in the future I feel ok posting this picture. Please don't laugh....

My shirt was wet because I was doing dishes


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