Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recipes for homemade soap

The following homemade soap recipes vary in difficulty. Not all of them use lye. Some of them are simple re-batching or “melt and pour” recipes which are more suitable if you want to keep it simple.
  1. Image of cucumber soap and cucumbersShea butter soap recipe: coconut oil and shea butter are awesome for dry skin. This is a very basic recipe to which you could add essential oils for fragrance. If you have sensitive skin that reacts badly to many ingredients, this may be just the sort of very simple soap you need.
  2. Cucumber soap recipe: cucumber is actually an astringent. This recipe harnesses its supposed curative properties along with its wonderful scent.
  3. Vegan lavender soap: made from olive oil and palm kernel oil instead of animal fat, with the relaxing fragrance of lavender.
  4. Image of Milky Rosebar soap recipeLollipop soap: terrific for kids or as a party favor. Yes, it’s soap on a lollipop stick.
  5. Chocolate soap: you’ll find a variety of chocolate soap recipes there, and some are vegan. Some add flavors like orange or vanilla, which will give you ideas for your own recipes.
  6. Milky Rosebar soap recipe: uses goat’s milk, which is moisturizing, and rose petals, which are used to prevent signs of aging. Looks and smells gorgeous!
  7. Image of avacado soapCoffee and Cream soap: this recipe is melt and pour – no lye! Very easy for beginners or even supervised kids, and fantastic smelling.
  8. Apple Tart soap: another easy melt and pour recipe. Red and apple-scented.
  9. Dead Sea mud bar: a mild exfoliant with a stress-relieving ginger and grapefruit scent.
  10. Vanilla and Almond soap: a “re-batching” recipe that’s all about the delicious Image of homemade soapscent and not drying out skin.
  11. Oatmeal soap: I love oatmeal soap for my sensitive skin. This recipe is so simple: Dove + oatmeal = whole new soap.
  12. Spicy Tea Glycerin soap: add tea and dried flowers to boring bars of glycerin soap.
  13. Avocado oil soap: just what it sounds like. Avacado is awesome for all types of skin.
  14. Ginger coconut lime soap: this one’s all about the scent, but it comes out with a pretty green swirl, too.
Making soap at home can be a very fun and rewarding hobby. Once you’ve made a few batches from recipes, you get a feel for how it’s done and then you can create your own recipes. Decorative bars can be great as gifts, too (and much less expensive, and more thoughtful, than pretty bars from stores).Homemade Soap?


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