Thursday, December 8, 2011

T'was the Night Before or 17 Days till Christmas

And all through the house Sher was stirring trying to make PJ's.

I know a lot of people out there have the Night Before Christmas Pajama's tradition. Growing up we always had new pajamas to go to bed in. Well, my parents had a habit of forgetting which package the pj's were in and sometimes the one package (usually the pjs) we got to open before going to bed ended up being a sweater or new panties. Most of the time it was the pajamas. C had this tradition as well. This year with Goo and Gouda being old enough to really get excited for Christmas I wanted to make the tradition really sparkle and so I thought I would customize their pj's. This is how I did it. I bought new pj's that match. Not an easy task when you have one boy and one girl but I did! I found really nice ones for $7.00 a piece.

Step 1 Gather supplies.

What you will need:


Iron on letters to spell out kids names (or nickmanes) you can pick theses up for cheap at any craft store. I got mine at Michael's for under $5.00

I don't own a Ironing board so I placed a towel down on the kitchen countertop.

A rag to place over the Letters to prevent burning and slippage. (this step I discovered after I did Gouda's PJ's)

Trim up the letters so you can place them all on the pj's

Letter Trimmed (yes pic is upside down)

Place Iron on rag (just a few seconds or you can burn it)

Pull off plastic from Letters

Finished Product


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