Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Warranties

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I have a home warranty. I love it. A Home Warranty is every homeowner's best friend. If you don't have one then you are flipping crazy. What does a warranty do you ask? Well, since you asked our warranty has been in effect for 2 months and in that time period we have used it 4 times. The first time we used it was because for some reason we lost all power in the Living Room, Goo's Room, and the Office. The outlets didn't work. The Electrician came out and discovered that in one of the outlets in the office a wire had come lose and caused a chain reaction. $55 dollars and several hours later we were back in business. The second time we used the warranty the half bath toilet overflowed. Before I could shut off the water from the main shut off there was about 1 inch of sewer water all over the downstairs. The Plumber came out snaked my drain and discovered that the old tree that was in the front yard had broken into the pipe and clogged it. The plumber even helped me clean up. Above and beyond if you ask me! Third time we used the warranty the dryer heating element went out. 24 Hours later the tech came in replaced it and I was back in clean and dry clothes. Tomorrow I will call in for the fourth time. My Dishwasher isn't working and there isn't any hot water in the sink. This is drivinf me crazy because I swear the kids and the Hubs have used every freaking dish in the house. I just spent the last four hours washing the dishes in the bathroom sink. I needed hot water right??? FYI Bathroom sinks are not big enough to wash a lot of pots and pans! Pre-rise is a must. Today I just wanted to give a brief overview of what kinds of things a warranty can cover. Tomorrow I will explore how to find a good warranty and how to use one... I hope you join me for that...


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