Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inexpensive Picture Frame Matting

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Before I quit working as an accountant the office where I worked cleared out a bunch of great picture frames. They were all custom frames and really nice so I grabbed a bunch. I ripped out the old crap that was in the frames not wanting to be reminded of the place I worked. I then realized the downside of having custom frames is that usually you need custom matting for your pictures. That type of money isn't in the budget right now. So what is a girl to do right?

You break out the stock of gift wrap in the craft closet. I grabbed out some plain brown parcel paper and some silver paper. I got more creative as I went along and I even grabbed out some ribbon.

Step 1.
Gather supplies foam backing, pictures you want to frame, and gift wrap.

Cut gift wrap to fit back of frame or foam board

Step 2

Place gift wrap on backer board and tape down. Make sure tape doesn't show
Step 3

Place pictures you want in the frame. These are are prints from a calender I had when I was a teenager. There are paintings from my favorite artist Tadema. I taped them down as I dodged Gouda's cars.

Step 4

Wrap with ribbon to complement the look.

Step 5 - Enjoy your cheap matting. Total cost $0.00



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