Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Fine Print Toddler Color Activity

the following is a feature post by Small Fine Print
My Disney Color Match Game was quite the hit, I decided to show you the other color match activity I made (for all you non-Disney fans). It has the same concept as the Disney Game, just simplified.

What you'll need:
Color Paper (I used paint swatches)
Hot Glue
Clothes Pins

I grabbed 2 of each color I wanted to use (found in the paint section of your home improvement store)-

Cut a piece of each color just big enough to cover your clothes pin and hot glue them on.

Hot Glue your 2nd set of color swatches together leaving about 2 inches of each color exposed.

Have your toddler practice color matching by clipping the clothes pin on

I barely finished my activity before my toddler snatched it up and wanted to play right away!

We love tucking this in our church bag or diaper bag for a quiet activity on the go!


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