Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Renaissance Headbands for Gouda's Party

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Gouda's first birthday sucked. She had surgery to place tubes in her ears. She had been deaf for 6 months. This June she turns 2 and I feel the need to make up for her lousy birthday. C and I have our birthdays just a few days apart. This year for our Birthday's we traveled to California where we went to Medieval Times.Medieval Times is a dinner show set in the Middle Ages (a present from the In-Laws). In the gift shop they had these beautiful hair ribbons that reminded me of growing up in Cedar City, Utah home of the world famous Shakespearean Festival. (Did I ever mention that I am a Shakespeare? My Great-Great Grandparents are John and Hannah Shakespeare and yes they are part of THOSE Shakespeare's)

The cost of the headbands at Medieval Times was $20! I thought that was nuts but I wanted them for Gouda's Party. I thought it would be a great theme. A Midsummer's Night Dream, maybe it seems to much for a 2 year old but she does have the same DNA of the Bard so I think she will like it. If not heck she's 2 how will she remember it anyway?

So I gathered my supplies:

Plastic headbands ($1.00 for 8 I got at a local Swap Meet)
Ribbons sheer and non sheer (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
Matching Flowers (I also got these at the Dollar Tree)

Supplies Needed

Hot glue sheer ribbons to the bottom of headband on both sides

Wrap headband with ribbon all the way around

Finished just need to add the flowers

Headband on Gouda with the flowers on it

Got to say Sorry for the pictures sucking. Man I really need a new camera!


  1. Those turned out great! I'm gonna have to get on it and make some for little spice!