Monday, April 9, 2012

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When we first moved into this house (I mean with my parents) my mother was terrified about this window. As you can tell it's pretty high up 16 ft to be exact. What you can't tell is that on the other side of the shutters is little Goo's room. Now Mom was scared that one of us would fall out this window into the downstairs below. Of course we would get hurt, probably very hurt. However, my sister's and I were 19, 17, and 15 at the time we moved in and contrary to here belief didn't throw ourselves out of high up windows, not even on a dare.

Now I am the Mom in this house and that opening is in my 4 year old little boys bedroom. His bed is right under it and now I am terrified that he or little Gouda may fall out of it. What is a Mom to do?

I'm thinking Resin Window Panel to close it is while still letting in light.

What do you readers think? 


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